Sunday, December 6, 2009

Law Library

Continuing with buildings I don't technically belong in, here's a picture of the bathroom in the Law Library. Like most bathrooms for graduate students, or in buildings built before the takeover of prefab architecture, it's super nice. When you first walk in you are in a nice lounge/ an actual powder room. A longer time ago, it might even have been a smoking room. But on to the stalls.

I'm not sure whether or not it's intentional, but I'd like to point out how very similar the stalls are to those in actual court buildings. At least in movies and my own experience (which are effectively the same thing, right?). The photo is from Runaway Jury- Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffmann are either in, or about to get into a really principled argument in a very nice bathroom that looks a little bit like this one. In this bathroom there are faux/real (I can't tell) marble stalls with wooden doors and are extremely narrow. Somehow this set up seems way more solid than the Hiny Hiders of Angell Hall. Here, your privacy is secure.

The sinks are pretty nice, they're old-fashioned with one spout for hot water and one for cold. Although I like the way this kind of sink looks, I can never figure out the most comfortable or efficient way to use them. I usually just turn them both on and then switch back and forth which is really bizarre and never very rewarding, either. Cosmo once infamously suggested this as a method for blowjobs, and I can't even stand it on my hands. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry or really cold, I'll only put on the hot water and try to wash my hands before it gets way too hot; it never works.

Nice sinks, nice lounge, nice bathroom. But it's pretty out of the way and I don't endorse using this library casually (for studying).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Graduate Library Third Floor

For a while, the bathroom on the third floor of the Grad library was my #1 favorite and remains a nice place to take a break from writing essays.

You have to climb up three flights of stairs to get there, so it's not the most convenient if you have to pee immediately, but if you're into procrastinating via stairs and have anxiety about using public bathrooms, this gets like an 8. Plus they are granite stairs, and by the time you get to the final floor there is a skylight.

Also, if you're at the Grad, you probably just drank coffee inside of the last hour and will have to poo while you're there. This bathroom is out of the way and only used by older library staff, features a small (fake?) plant and a pretty nice mirror. Most importantly, it's nearly always empty.

In the winter this bathroom takes on an added significance because it has a big clean table to put a coat and backpack on while you're in the stall, which I find especially nice, since most of the time I'm in the Grad it's cold outside and layers are required.